Study overseas as part of your Deakin degree and discover a world full of opportunities. We hope you enjoy this colourful taste of what it’s like to go abroad with Deakin.
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@victoria_jane - I finally got around to getting my Bhutanese artwork framed and now I can't stop looking back at pictures of this stunning country more ›

@jmcraw_ - Went on a ski plane north from Anchorage the other day and flew to Denali National Park. After about 2 hours and ascending to over 9,000 more ›

@jmcraw_ - Rented a car and drove a few hours south of Anchorage to a beautiful town called Seward. Did some amazing ziplining through the Alaskan more ›

@naomilazzaro - Throwback to swimming on the edge of one of the seven natural wonders of the world #Africa #deakinabroad

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