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Study overseas as part of your Deakin degree and discover a world full of opportunities. We hope you enjoy this colourful taste of what it’s like to go abroad with Deakin.
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@jessssmessss - Roomies. Atop Mt. Tatsugane after a beautiful hike, and a fabulous study tour of Japan.#deakinabroad #Minamisanriku

@cahyoot - But can you die of post travel depression? Nowhere I would rather be than back in India with the Real Housewives of Varanasi #squadgoals more ›

@rachhaele - Thank you so so so much to Alecia And Donna and John who ran and helped on this amazing study tour and worked so hard to make it what it more ›

@sarah_maree15 - This morning we visited the Luumuno Training Centre to give a health talk to a group of young women around our age. Even though more ›

@jessssmessss - Sansan Shopping Village, Minamisanriku. An Easter Island statue replica gifted to the town from the Chilean govt. after the 1960 more ›

@mollydaft - I'm not gonna lie, getting off a plane from Southern California into this icy Melbourne weather was a bit of a shock to the system but more ›

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