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Sep 13, 2017 | Canada

A blog post by Lauren Hajro:
(Cover Image: Lauren ice-skating in Whistler.)

I never thought I’d be stuck in a situation where I had to push a van out of bogged snow… but there we were. After 12 hours of travelling, 5 minutes from our hostel, we were stuck. That was the start of an amazing adventure.

The photos of the Canadian Rockies were one of the main reasons I chose to study abroad in Canada, so when the reading break was approaching I knew exactly where I was going. 9 nights away in the snow sounded good to me!

Stop 1: Lake Louise, Alberta: Rise and shine, it was time to make our way to the gorgeous Lake Louise! We put on our Snowshoes and off we went. As if I wasn’t shocked enough to be walking on a frozen lake but to see people playing Hockey on the lake! There were ice sculptures everywhere, and even a bar made of ice, there was no complaining.

(Lauren with a friend at Lake Louise, Alberta.)

Stop 2: Banff, Alberta: Do what the locals do – Hiking with crampons up Sulphur Mountain (why get the Gondola up when you can hike??). We enjoyed the burning hot springs in weather that was below zero with an amazing view of the Rockies. Took a quick walk around Johnson Canyon (amazing). We headed out that night as Banff is known for being a bit of a party town and our ride home was some random party bus? Who knows where your travels will get you.

(Lauren’s photo from her time in Banff, Alberta.)

Stop 3: Jasper, Alberta:  The first thing we saw was Elk walking around everywhere!! What a welcome.  We spent the day at Maligne Canyon doing an ice walk; we tied our crampons to our (thankfully) waterproof boots and made our way through the ice, with sticks – so we could tell where the ice was sturdy enough to support us. Following that we went to Athabasca Falls, looking at what appeared to be a completely frozen waterfall, until I heard the water flowing heavily underneath the frozen ice.

(Photos from Lauren’s ice walk at Maligne Canyon.)

Stop 4: Whistler, BC: Unfortunately, I can’t say I ‘hit the slopes’ in Whistler, as I had been snowboarding just a couple of weekends before and my bank account wasn’t looking too pretty. Instead I thought I’d teach myself to ice skate, probably an amusing site to others, me, a 22 year old, by herself, skating around with a kiddy frame, struggling (big time), whilst 2 year olds are wizzing past me. Then it was time to build some courage, goodbye kiddy frame, hello bruised elbows. The next day was pain free and good fun spending it at the Tube Fun Park! Sadly all the dog sledding tours were full for the day, so that’s still on the bucket list!

Then it was back to Victoria BC, into the books first thing Monday morning, with no time for rest. But there was no complaining because my university happened to be in one of the prettiest cities of Canada (in my opinion, of course).

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