• From Amsterdam to Sri Lanka

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Feb 28, 2017 | Health

A blog post by Elouise Browne:

I took the opportunity to study abroad in Tri 2 2015 and can without a doubt say it was the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life

Wageningen University in the Netherlands focuses specifically on “healthy food and living environment” and was the perfect choice for my degree. The reputation of the University meant it attracted a huge international presence, which added an immeasurable amount to my experience at Wageningen.

From spending my first week in the Netherlands consuming more waffles and cheese sandwiches than I had in my lifetime during O-week, to dealing with riding my bike to class in the constant rain, attending weekly Dutch language classes and getting to make lasting friendships with people from around the world, Wageningen was an adventure from start to finish.

After what seemed like no time at all I found myself back in Australia and constantly reminiscing over my time travelling around Europe – from sipping sangria in Spain to watching the snow fall in Switzerland. I knew then, that I was ready to go abroad again.

So when I was faced with choosing the final unit of my course, I knew I wanted to finish my degree with a unit that was relevant to a field I hoped to work in after I completed my degree. Along with one that was interesting enough to keep me motivated over Tri 3! The Interdisciplinary Health Study Tour immediately appealed to me as a way of learning about global nutrition and health and also the health care systems in other countries. The opportunity to visit the beautiful country of Sri Lanka only sweetened the deal.

For me, this tour isn’t about changing anything but instead gaining different insights and perspectives into health and the health care system and being able to use that insight to compare and contrast health care systems. I’m excited to undertake another global experience with Deakin and see the beauty (and food) that Sri Lanka has to offer.

For more information about Study Aboard Opportunities with Deakin please visit our website.

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