• Sport and Summer in France

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Feb 07, 2018 | Business and Law

A blog post by Dale Johnson:
(Cover Image: Dale pictured inside Stade Vélodromem (Marsielle, France).)

Travelling to Marseille in France to undertake study is one of the greatest experiences of my professional life.  For someone who hadn’t previously ventured beyond the Australian border, the experience was one to behold.  The nature of travelling and orchestrating the trip on the other side of the world for me was enthralling and a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed.  

(Dale pictured with other students inside Stade Vélodromem (Marsielle, France).)

Partaking sports marketing in a country with some similarities to Australia, yet so different at the same time and with a completely different cultural view on sport, has definitely improved my knowledge of sport and how it can be presented in another light upon returning to Australia.  The lecturers provided great insight about the French national sports, how these sports engage with fans and how they compare to other parts of the world, giving a very balanced point of view.  The knowledge I gained from this trip has held me in good stead and given me a more defined career goal in the sports marketing and sports management field.

It would be negligible of me not to mention the friendships which were formed whilst abroad and the culmination of a variety of cultures from across the world, each giving a different point of view and passion to their respective favourite sports.  Whilst in France I studied alongside students from China, England, Japan, Canada, Turkey, Russia, Estonia and other fellow Australians.  This mixture of culture and experiences only added to the knowledge I was fortunately able to gain.

(Dale pictured with other members of his program group.)

For an inexperienced Aussie boy, being on the world stage was very exciting, things I consider normal were unusual.  Driving on the opposite side and having to double check before crossing the road, a whole new language to deal with and so many picturesque destinations to visit, these were just a few of the culture shocks I had to contend with. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the study – but the opportunity to
attend stage 3 of the Le Tour de France was absolutely my highlight.  Being a sports nut with a love for cycling and triathlons alongside my traditional Australian sports, it was a massive tick from the bucket list. As well as the Eiffel Tower which is so powerfully majestic, it’s a place that is a must see.  Activities such as scuba diving, bubble soccer, beach dinner, water-sport tubing, hiking, wine tour, beach music festival to coincide with the delicious croissants and seafood, the trip was a journey I’ll never forget.

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