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Aug 30, 2017 | Arts and Education

A blog post by Anita Suster:
(Cover Image: Anita pictured on exchange in Denmark.)

I applied for exchange with the intention to step outside of my comfort zone, challenge myself and most importantly figure out what I wanted from life.

I chose to study and live in Aarhus, a beautiful Danish coastal city. I chose Aarhus because it was entirely foreign to me and I wanted to immerse myself in an environment that would challenge my existing perceptions and stimulate a new perspective on life. I was ready for change and boy, did Aarhus deliver!

When I hopped of the train at Aarhus, I felt like I had just landed in a storybook – It was snowing, the air smelt like cinnamon from all the bakery goods and my mentor, Rasmus (who looked like he had been photo shopped) picked me up and took me to my new home; we got lost twice, but we got there in the end. From day one, I knew that I was in for one wild adventure.

Denmark is a country that I found hard not to fall in love with. The incredible architecture, the lovely people, incredible design, the delicious food and the rich culture, found a place in my heart almost instantly. I also found Denmark to be a progressive and sophisticated country that really encouraged innovative thinking, especially within the classroom. Aarhus in particular is heavily populated with students, so the social scene was fantastic! The University organised frequent events, including international nights, Friday bars, music gigs and group trips to iconic landmarks.

Of course, one of the many perks of going on exchange is the opportunity to travel. Being in Europe, the choice of countries to visit was overwhelming and the pressure to visit all of them was oh so real – so, rather than visiting many countries over a short period, I chose to visit a few and really experience my time in each place. I explored England, Germany, the Czech-Republic, Slovakia and Norway. Each country offered something new and exciting, so even the most normal of acts (such as walking) became both a novelty and an adventure. From playing a game of soccer with my friend’s family amid the Mountain tops of Norway, in a city called Molde – to attending a club in Berlin notorious for it’s out of this world partying – every single moment, no matter what, offered something unique and inevitably special.

Another key experience from exchange is the wave of new situations/opportunities you are confronted with that you wouldn’t otherwise experience. I had the awesome opportunity to volunteer at a Danish music festival, which was both exciting and nerve-racking. I worked for three days before the event alongside the Resources manager. Considering that working within the events industry is an area that I want to pursue a career in, the entire experience could have not been more beneficial!

In summation, going on exchange is an experience that CANNOT and WILL NOT regret. You’re saying YESSSS to embracing a whole new exciting world that presents you with new experiences and opportunities every day.

The advice that I would give to anyone considering in participating in student exchange is to not overthink it. Regardless of where you go, the experience is going to be revolutionary – pick a place, grab life by the hand and say yes!

Life is too short to be mulling over the ‘what if?’ card; put yourself out there and start exploring!

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